Call for Abstracts

With the conference main theme “Honouring History, Weaving Hopes”, we would like to invite interested parties to submit abstracts in the following sub-themes.


  1. Latest development of narrative ideas
  2. Honouring differences in cultures and diversities among people
  3. Applications in different cultures
  4. Community practice or collective practice
  5. Innovative projects/ researches

Abstract format

Language: English/ Traditional Chinese/ Simplified Chinese

Word Limit: 350 words in English/ 500 words in Chinese

*(No references, figures, charts or tables should be included in the abstract)


Type of presentation: Oral

Language: English/ Mandarin/ Cantonese

Length of presentation: 35 minutes followed by 10 minutes discussion

Submission guideline

Please read through the abstract submission guidelines.

Please complete and submit the Online Abstract Submission Form on or before 25 March 2017 (final call).