Discovery Learning: Narrative therapy questions and therapeutic letter writing

Speaker: Stephen Madigan & David Nylund

Date: 6 June 2017

Time: 09:30-12:30

Language: English

Venue: Multi-purpose Hall, Level 2, SCC

Workshop description:
David and Stephen guide the participant learner through an up close creative experience regarding the design, politic, temporality and grammar of narrative therapy questions and therapeutic letters. It is through the discovery learning method that participants begin to embody a confidence in their narrative practice questions – and watch their therapeutic interviewing craft grow stronger.

About the speakers:
Stephen MADIGAN is the director of the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy. The American Psychological Association is about to publish a ‘Revised’ edition of his best selling book Narrative Therapy – theory and practice (2011), in 2017. He trains and consults with Norway’s National high conflict couple team project and – teaches narrative therapy workshops worldwide.

David NYLUND is a Professor of Social Work at California State University, Sacramento.  He is also the Clinical Director of the Gender Health Center, a non-profit agency based in Sacramento, California that serves the transgender and queer communities. David has been a faculty member with the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy since 2010, and is the author of several books and articles on narrative therapy, queer theory, cultural studies, and critical sports studies.