Conversations about Gender & Sexuality with Youth: Some Straight Talk

Speaker: Julie Tilsen

Date: 6 June 2017

Time: 14:00 – 17:00

Language: English

Venue: Multi-purpose Hall, Level 2, SCC

Workshop description:
Young people who live outside of normative gender and sexual identities often face unique relational and social challenges. Conventional understandings of gender, sexuality, identity, and family put lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and gender non-conforming youth under a normative gaze. This gaze often pushes their unique ways of constructing identity and relationships to the margins.

This workshop will examine the discourses that influence our ideas about gender, sexuality, and youth identity from a critical, intersectional lens. Narrative practices and queer theory will be featured as praxis allies that position you and the young people you engage with into reflective and generative relationships. Conversational resources will be linked with the craft of question-asking in support of a relational practice that is culturally responsive to LGBTQ youth, and that is honoring of their resistance to normative specifications.

About the speaker:
Julie Tilsen, Ph.D. is the Director of Ethics & Practice for the International Center for Clinical Excellence, an associate of the Taos Institute, and a recipient of the Minnesota Association of Marriage and Family Therapy’s Distinguished Service Award. She is community faculty in the University of Minnesota’s Youth Studies department, and has taught for Dulwich Centre’s Masters In Narrative Therapy and Community Work Program.  In addition to her book Therapeutic Conversations with Queer Youth: Transcending Homonormativity & Constructing Preferred Identities, Julie is the author of many articles and book chapters about narrative and constructionist practices.