Listening, Witnessing and Intimate Relationship: Using Narrative Therapy in Working with Couples

Speaker: Jill Freedman

Date: 7 June 2017

Time: 09:30 – 17:00

Language: English

Venue: Multi-purpose Hall, Level 2, SCC

Workshop description:
Our relationships both shape and are shaped by our stories. Narrative therapy offers the possibility for members of a relationship to hear the meanings their partners make of particular events and together to make new ones. It offers a context for preferred stories to be told and heard. In this workshop we will think about ways to structure therapy conversations to offer the possibility of partners really hearing each other. We will practice using questions to deconstruct problems and to enter the absent but implicit. We will also consider how our identity is relational, offering the possibility of asking questions about who people become in particular relationships and how partners contribute to and each other’s preferred identities. This will be a skill-building workshop with opportunity for participants to engage with the ideas.

About the speaker:
Jill Freedman is the director of Evanston Family Therapy Center, a nonprofit institute in the Chicago area dedicated to teaching narrative therapy. Along with her partner, Gene Combs, she has authored 3 books–Symbol, story and ceremony: Using metaphor in individual and family therapy, Narrative therapy: The social construction of preferred realities and Narrative therapy with couples… and a whole lot more!–and more than 30 articles and book chapters on narrative therapy. She has a therapy practice in the Chicago area and consults to social service agencies and schools. She also teaches internationally and is a member of the Dulwich Centre international faculty.